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The Hautton Satchel/Shoulder Bag edit & Review

Let me introduce my "new" Hautton satchel/shoulder bag. I've purchased the bag last September. Why did I make this purchase? I bought this bag because I absolutely love the design. It is a sophisticated, modern satchel shoulder bag which can hold a laptop, some documents, pens and pencils and other stationery. After intensive use there's still no visible damage, though I haven't sprayed it with leather spraying. Hautton logo What jumps out is the well made HAUTTON logo on the front of the bag, in silver hardware. Also, I love all of the detailing on the bag. The bag has three large compartments. There are also some little pouches for your keys, wallet and your phone or phone charger. At the back there's an external zipper pocket, also made from silver hardware. Front view The retail price for this HAUTTON satchel/shoulder bag is  £140,-  The outlet price from secret sales was  £69,-. Which obviously is great value for a bag that is

Navy Navy Navy

A few different tones

Around the trees

Parisian Dressed

Walking away from the bridge

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